2018年 Rayon du Soleil築地


Following the dismantling of the renowned Tsukiji Market in Chuo ward, this residential building was an opportunity to reinvent a new identity for this former long-standing “market town”.
The owner has been running a liquor store in this area for many years, and while observing the transformation of the area no longer a “market town”, he decided to make this conversion an opportunity for the area to be reborn.
The aim was to create a place where a diverse range of people could live in, including foreigners who visit this area. We set one dwelling unit per floor to enhance the living space and lower the footprint. In addition, each floor has a different configuration including the outdoor space, in order to accommodate a variety of uses. The residents can rather gardening in the city centre, working remotely, enjoying a family or an elegant solo life-style. This language appears on the facades and the common areas (corridors, stairs) with a dialogue between the inside and the outside. This follows the appearance of Tsukiji city made of this dual relationship between “outside” and “inside”.
When people’s lives exuded into these common areas, new communities arise and are likely to play the primary role of this architecture.

用 途:賃貸併用住宅 鉄筋コンクリート造 地上10階建
設 計:BE-FUN DESIGN + タスエス
構 造:吉田一成構造設計室
施 工:株式会社徳祥
写 真:平井広行

Site area : 85.04㎡
Total floor area : 578.09㎡
Use : Rental housing, reinforced concrete, 10 stories above ground
Year (completion) : 2018
Architects : BE-FUN DESIGN + Tasuesu (タスエス)
Structure : Kazushige Yoshida Structural Design Office
Construction : Tokusho Co., Ltd.
Photographs : Hiroyuki Hirai