2019年 Terrace Kukuna2


A modern boarding house
After serving for many years in the teaching profession, the owner, a couple, left Mie Prefecture to Tokyo. When it comes to rental housing, the owner’s house space usually surpasses the rental occupant’s. However, this project pushes aside this order to incorporate balance within the relationship between all residents. Alike a boarding house, the hierarchy between owner and the tenants becomes equal, friendly and are favorable for gatherings such as BBQ, hot pots on the outside terrace or occasionally in the resident’s room for a drinking party. It emulates an atmosphere of a friend’s house at the time when we were student.
Facing the green road, the terrace becomes a place where children in the neighborhood can play, run, and people who pass by can sit and take a breath during a stroll. The shortage of free outside areas in the neighborhood makes this green road an important point of interaction. We hope the “atmosphere” created between the owner’s couple and the tenants will gradually spread behind the building, instaure a warm feeling across the neighborhood and spark the start of a time-sharing community.

1F 60.48m²
2F 89.42m²
3F 89.42m²
用 途:長屋(7戸) 木造 地上3階建
設 計:BE-FUN DESIGN + POSTAR architects
施 工:株式会社ジーエスビルド
写 真:平井広行

Site area : 295.95m²
Total floor area : 214.55m²
1F 60.48m²
2F 89.42m²
3F 89.42m²
Use : Row house (7 units) – wood – 3 story above ground
Year (completion) : 2018
Architects : BE-FUN DESIGN + POSTAR architects
Construction : GS Build Co., Ltd.
Photographs : Hiroyuki Hirai